A lot of people have ex- pressed interest in my ride. They know that once CBA and Wooda split, I had no way to get around. Well, I do now: The Olds.
This was my friend Frank's mom's car.  There are no Oldsmobiles any more, so I'm proud to be driving what Dianne calls "the old lady car." She waxed it up real nice. It floats over the roads like a boat. Sometimes I feel like I should hunch down behind the wheel and go about 20 mph in a 55 mph zone. I am a granny, after all.
About the pix: One represents what it feels like here, tempwise, and also features stray dogs, the cooler and a disused Shop Vac; the other features bug spray and the compressor unit for the ac, newly propped up with concrete blocks. Both feature the Olds.
Which do you like better?


Dianne said...

You're a pretty hip g'ma!

P.S. I didn't wax the car...merely washed off the dust.

otra rubia said...

We're broasting here in NYC, so I like the cool, soothing colors of the second photo. Although those hounds in the first pic are pretty appealing. I want a dog.

Claudia said...

I know where you can get a kitty.
Hannah's has NOT adjusted to baby.