american cake

I am praying that somebody will smear this cake into Mr. America Rick Perry's face. Pray for me.

In other news, if you look in the back row to the right of the big guy in the soccer scene, you can see CBA in this movie trailer.
And if you are at all interested in the history of Thomasville, Mo., you can read about it in this excellent article by an acquaintance of mine who coincidentally was a musician in the movie Winter's Bone.
Oh and PS, Zabar's "lobster salad" that was actually made of crawdads that caused such a furor? I had some relabeled "seafare" salad yesterday, and it was delicious. Wonder how many other people tried it for the first time.


cba said...

Disney pulled the trailer off Youtube.


I think you can find it by going to "Odd Life of Timothy Green" website.

Claudia said...

OK, I changed the link.