the second best shower in the world?

If you Google "The Best Shower in the World" you will find the shower at Claudia's Surf City. There is now a contender at Hannah's Hideaway, though, since Chris put in a new showerhead and shaving mirror and I weeded the iris and added beach stones. The view of the salt pond from Claudia's is superior, but the roominess at Hannah's is fab.
You probably need to try both before you can vote.


Debby said...

The Claudia's Surf City shower does have a great view, but the space in the Hannah's Hideway shower pushes into 1st place.

The new indoor shower at Hannah's is also first rate.

Showering in any of the three is a wonderful experience, especially when compared to the "D" line shower at 98 RSD.

Bulkhead Billy said...

The Best Swab in The Atlantic

once per fortnight
with bait bucket and brine
scrubbed down to "just right"
'cutlass-scars shine

blast, burn, and build
don' make so much dirt
'room for one pailfill
and my cleanest dirty shirt

Dock 'Em Dano said...

I remember a time when my brother, Bulkhead Billy, did not have to pinch a line from Kris Kristofferson's "Sunday Morning Sidewalk" to button up one of his shoreline tales.

Alas, that time has passed.

Then again, being Saturday night and all, I should give Bulky a little more room.

My baddish

Bulkhead Bob McGee said...

Yes, me too. It was a hard-rain Friday when my own handle got lifted--right offa channel 16.

Bin lookin' fer it ever since.

Highwayman #4 said...

Highwayman Benevolent

Take all y' want
But read all y' take

The Big Man is gone
'shorelines's a wake

coast in black

neruda said...

this is a very tough act to follow....nice Iris