i love the ferry

I do not love polyurethaning floors in the rain, which is what I'm doing. So here's a picture of the ferry instead.


B. Billy said...

ferry down blues

Mary Murray
Joseph F. Merrell
Cornelius G. Kolf
Herbert H. Lehman

a nickel on the ride
the World’s Fair ?
(you decide)


these good ferries
safe and city

in a last
and so pretty

blast, of a sadly past


neruda said...

gorgeous picture...thank you...too bad about the rain and the urethane...bad combo

Kate Knapp Artist Blog said...

oh yeah...just for the record..I love the ferry too...about 100 paintings later

PhilL said...

Water or oil based?

Claudia said...

Oil. Sigh.

PhilL said...

Oil's good when it's rainy (no water evap in high humidity), plus no need for a beer at the end of the day...you're already high!