and then there were—six?

On the heels of news that the Christian Science Monitor was going to be available on the Internet only, I read last night that Time Inc was cutting 600 jobs. I proceeded to sleep very poorly, waking to howling winds and dreaming of working at Time Inc. I was looking for a computer at Life, hounding researchers at People, considering taking a job at a People spinoff that reviewed Broadway plays—based in Taipei, no less, and captained by Burgheim. When I woke up I was so grateful that I had left Time Inc. when it was still kinda Time Inc. and before the paring down of the skills and brains and feeling of mission reached its inevitable end. And I feel awful for my handful of friends who are still there.


otra rubia said...

I repeat, I just learned a joke:

Q: What does a writer say after sex?

A: Was it as good for me as it was for you?

The real question is what does a journalist say after being fired from Time Inc?

I don't know the answer but I'll get back to you.

C said...

I have to say I un-understand this joke. Is it because I'm a writer? Or was. I will try to think of something clever about the other question. Feeling more worried than clever.