Can I tell I'm in Alaska?
Not so much.
All I can see is this world record halibut. Oh, and a caribou. The huntress does not appear.


Wolfen said...

Dis fish don look so bieg to me, mon.

C said...

Well, its like 8 feet long. But I can't measure it, because now I'm in the Taipei airport, where I'll be for the next six hours.

neruda said...

Well I hope you see something interesting in Taipei?Hard to imagine that fish 8 feet long yeow...Thinking of you on your journey...I'm making pesto cause I had to pick the basil...frost predicted for tonight...you got out just in the nick of time xxoo

cba said...

I caught that fish. So there.

We used to have to shoot the really big ones in the brain with a .45 before they beat the boat to pieces.

And their poor hearts would continue to beat long after I cut them out of their chests.

Back in The Day. The Hannibal Lecter of the North Pacific. That was me.

Wolfen said...

And what else did you do in Alaska?

cba said...

Dance on runways in rabbit skin bikinis, sleep with all the attractive men I could, club baby seal, and fly a Piper Super Cub all over creation.

Glory days.

And this is the absolute truth.. my great ex-love, Nick Delaney, went from fishing halibut in a 15 foot open skiff (that's when we had to shoot the ones over 400 pounds) to become the most successful and revered halibut fisherman in the world.

Thanks to me.

He took up fishing "to prove to me he was a man", when I announced I was going winter trapping with someone else.

Speaking of Glory Days.. did you save a Carrie guitar string for me? It's for Dakota Wolf Cub's birthday. I hope that you did. I'd hate to have to go all serial on you.

love, B