forever blowing off bubbles

As I pack to leave the island and my houses to a series of strangers, I contemplate Bubbles, the Dissatisfied Tenant.
Bubbles has been described as "97 pounds soaking wet, from Florida, drives a convertible." She rented a house with air conditioning! She is not the classic Block Islander, needless to say.
She doesn't like spiderwebs. Outside.
The real estate agent tried to tell her to suck it up. Then, she said, she "groveled." When all had failed, she gave Bubbles her money back and moved her to a different house. Perhaps the only place on the island without spiderwebs? No bushes, maybe?
Bubbles worries me. She hasn't rented from me——yet. But I've become neurotic about insects.


C said...

Oh brother. Now there's a bird in the house as I prepare to close up. And I was worried about insects??? How would a dead bird fly with Bubbles?

mr. li said...

No worries, Lady Mate.

Li is now provide to public Furbombazines at House of Li.

One is too much enough for bird brain. No need to come a gutser.

Only $68 American.

courtni li said...

Dear Ms. Dowling-San:

Please to forgive Honorable Uncle.

He is by way of seeing too many Baz Luhrmann classics.