the family that ate the world

So A left, bearing the two car seats and cutie kids to go with, in a minivan. OK, it was rented, but. The ziplock bags of snax for the plane, the wife going to visit MORE in-laws--everything, really, but the pets.
The last time I saw A in that house, I was the one with the snack bags and car seats, the in-laws and ferry schedules. Now he's doing it, and I'm sleeping in the room he used as a teenager.
Wierd. Vewy vewy wierd.
And J, they can't wait to see you.

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j said...

Pool toys inflated, check. Water guns loaded, check. Popsicles in freezer, check. Shade umbrellas open, check. Kitchen chairs fitted with booster seats, check. Child-sized lawn furniture out, check. Nana crazed. But SO excited. Heading out to pick them up at Avignon train station.

They said they had sooooo much fun at BI. It's great for the kids to start to develop their own history there. Kaitlin catching her first fish! And Lexi took her first steps at YR. house!!