normal life

With Ma Mere and Sis in Mexico, things on Riverside Drive are settling down somewhat—although the guest bed hasn't had a night off yet. TAKAC (The Artist Known as Chang) stopped over for some ear candling and then spent the rest of the night on the sofa, managing one frame in the ayem.


Anonymous said...

you mean secret asian man as in

Sing after me

Secret Asian Man, Secret Asian Man
They've given him a digy
And taken away his frames

Anonymous said...

Second verse start

Everywhere he goes he takes one picture

But first he hangs around, just like a fixture

Anonymous said...

Okay another line:

Everywhere he goes he takes camera
From Hong Kong, Macao and even Lake Niagra

How about a few lines from someone else?

Anonymous said...

Odds are he won't take a picture til tomorrow