Last night I dreamed that I was doing a story on the campus of a Bible college totally populated by—lesbians! I thought, "Don't they see the irony in this?" And by day three, when I was invited to a prayer breakfast the following morning, I said, "This athiest has had it. Prayer breakfast? This story is done!"
In other nightmares, Rudy Guiliani doesn't lose in Florida today, and Mitt Romney wins. Do we revile these guys or what?
And as for the Kennedy mantle, Obama, isn't it a trifle threadbare?

Down in Texas, some people are afraid an alien nation is gunning for them. No, not Mexico, real aliens in a UFO. And one guy has pictures. Watch this.


Anonymous said...

I'm so, like, what if Jesus WAS a zombie, babe? I mean, like Temperance Brennan said in "The Man in the Morgue." You know, the Bones episode about post-Katrina voodoo in New Orleans?

Oops.. that's right, you don't watch TV.

But wait!! You now have a TV. Probably why you're having these nightmares.

Baptist lesbians and Rudy in the White House so pale by comparison. To zombie Jesus. And the TV.

Claudia said...

Well he DID rise from the grave. . .