Yes, I have been remiss. Things are happening, and I haven't really said what they are.
I painted sophit (?), facia and frieze boards for the cornice, primer and finish, while waiting to see if it would rain. It hasn't so far.
The cornice is almost three-quarters of the way around the house.
The cornice is necessary to put on the roof.
Also today three electricians arrived from the mainland to pull the wire from the street and pole to the house. I had already put the conduit in some time ago.
Well, they did pull the wire. And then the Inspector noticed that it was aluminum wire.
Aluminum? I thought we had to use copper.
We do. So the electricians left disconsolate to return with copper wire on Thursday. Sheesh.
Also, the Septic Maestro showed up to see if it was dry enough to pump out the tank, seal it and make it operational.
Not quite.
The Gas Guy showed up to present a whopping bill and see if we could run hot water.
We could.
Hot water.
No kitchen.
No elecricity.
No toilet.
But we're getting there.
And we promise to write in.


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