carpenter city

OK, it's three in the morning, I'm up with a case of hives, and this is one of the good nights. Last night it was the rain that kept me awake, dripping through the nonroof onto the floor next to my head, plinking on the uninstalled flashing for the upstairs windows and making rivulets next to the mold spots already blossoming on the blueboard. The reason the roof is not on is because the cornice is not on. The reason that the cornice is not on is that the carpenter from New Orleans who was making it went down with a bad back for a couple of weeks. Weeks of rain. However, he is back on the job, and hopefully will be able to complete most of it before leaving for Vieques next week. Yes, he's quite the jet setting carpenter.
And yesterday the rock climbing Cub went up on the nonroof with several tubes of silicone to hopefully stop the worst of the leaks. He also added a hat to the chimney on the other house that was pouring rain into the hot water heater and putting its pilot out every time it rained. Which was often. Have I mentioned rain? It looms very large in contracting and camping, both of which are my life. It's enough to give you hives. Apparently.
In other news, the private plane that came down on the island crashed into Papa's yard, and Mercury is in retrograde.

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