oooooom my god!

 It is spring cleaning time, when I pick up a lot of good stuff.  I scored this buddha. (Interesting that spellcheck doesn't know how to spell this unless I'm wrong.) A guy in the building said his new wife didn't like it. It made me so happy! It is very heavy—I wanna say 300 pounds—made of cement and it ain't going anywhere. It's going to sit and meditate for me right here in New York City.
   And thanks for the headline, Ed!
   PS Many suggestions have been made about what to put in his hands, from a lotus to a hard boiled egg. What would you recommend?


CBA said...

Well, Duh. I'd say either some boilers, or a small T-Rex.

Dianne said...

All I want to know is who carried it?

Claudia said...

Two strong guys and a dolly!

swampgassy said...

Love it!I would change it up seasonally. I have a Buddha lamp who wears seasonal beaded necklaces. You know, Saints beads during football season, Christmas garland, Mardi Gras beads...Which reminds me that its Spring and time to decorate it. (I like the egg idea) Color me jealous.