Emma Ann lights up the Goose.

Kid readies his duck for the race.
 Holidays are for kidz. And my great enjoyment is watching them enjoy. Thomasville is making a comeback bid as a real hamlet, and to that end threw a major July 4 party. The duck races of old were returned, there was live music (country, bluegrass, gospel) and fireworks over the rodeo arena. No one was hurt in the making of these pictures.
The adults are busy launching the ducks, but this kid is catching crawdads.
This is the flame-shooting alligator, but the big hit turned out to be the pooping dog firework. If you are lucky I will get you one.


Anonymous said...

Did you finally release hostage Ping?

Claudia said...

Yeah, the poor Ping. However I have two more parts of the story to write. Dogging it!