for the record

I take pictures of Camilla with this portrait every year, but this year the haircut makes the resemblance unmistakeable. The girl in the portrait is my great-great aunt, Claudia Glenn.  The portrait was given to her niece Claudia Dowling, my great aunt (grand aunt?), who in turn gave it to me.  And the girl in the photo is my granddaughter, Camilla, so I believe the girl in the portrait to be Camilla’s great-great-great-great aunt. My first cousin Glenn, who is in charge of geneology, says that's right. I am meant to give the portrait (and the locket you can barely see hanging from it top left) to a niece. That would be Madison Glenn. And then she should give it to whatever niece winds up with the names Claudia or Glenn. I guess that leaves it up to Eva. 

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