big houses

 Camilla shows off her new house in Providence. It looks an awful lot like the place I lived in the suburbs of New York (below) when I was just a little older than she is.


otra rubia said...

Wow, they really do look alike. Beautiful houses, both of them.

CBA said...

Let's see some pictures of the inside!!!

Claudia said...

The interior is in a bit of disarray as yet.

CBA said...

Ah. Well, what isn't.

About the similarities... Yes! Striking. Just remember, as I have pointed out. 'Things skip generations." We are often more like out grandparents than our parents.

Your Mom, being no-doubt a forward thinking, fore-runner for her day ( in spite of the burdens she faced, all of you get who you are from somewhere)... probably chose her house according to what was "hip" at the time. But not so hip in later years, of course, as housing trends changed. Hence , perhaps, your distain!

(Oh yea of the "Build to Suit" generation.)

Now with the passage of even more time, the once chic, then not chic, then whatever domicile is now all the rage again, among young families with 2+ children,

So Hannah follows in her grandmother's footsteps Architecturally , that is.

CBA said...

I meant "Our not Out" grandparents,