southern delights

 Can you even? Jan and I saw this bag of —what?—in Walmart and had to go for it. We were hysterically laughing at the (self) checkout counter. Jan was extremely disappointed that the inside of the package looked nothing like the outside and was simply filled with—chips. Sigh. She said she could detect a faint taste of gravy, but all I tasted was pepper. We did a blind taste test on a friend who could not tell what the flavor was meant to be. But they were a big hit with her dog.
  Other delights: My cousins Richard and his son Merrell.


Cba said...

Eww! You could have enhanced the experience with some of that bacon flavored vodka I saw last time we went to the liquor store together in whatever town it was with the good hardware store. Not in West Plains but near Jan's.

I think it began with a C. The name of the town, that is.

But like, were them chips gluten free? xxxx B

Claudia said...

I bet it was Sylacauga. And that's where we bought those chips.
Gluten free.