art in mexico

A young artist at work in his stuio and gallery.

At the bottom of the hillside where mom lives is an old fabric factory that has been converted into galleries and artists' studios. I had no idea. It is amazing, a giant labyrinth with scores of world class artists and thousands of works. People must come to buy from all over the country and from abroad.
  And then there is the found art in the markets, with pyramids of fruit and conglomerations of objects. Like zippers.
  I have left Mexico, however. My mother did not appear to hear me or see me when I bade her adieu, but apparantly this ayem she informed her overnight caregiver that I had left. So there is some there there. I am now in Alabama visiting family and friends and will head up the coast (chased by hurricanes?) tomorrow or the next day.

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Kate Knapp Artist Blog said...

Now this is a place I would like to see! Sounds really cool...Just hung my work at New York Open Center on Wednesday...nice humble space...