the vision

The Nightmare

The Vision
A person I know has many cats. Large cats. Fat cats. Pampered cats that eat A Lot of Food. Stocking and organizing and retrieving supplies without destroying the surroundings had become A Nightmare.
 Ding! The vision. A trip to Lowe's and a purchase of Rev-A-Shelf! Installs easily in 20 minutes!
"But it was never easy for me," moaned the DIYer. Some eight hours and two sliced fingers later—triumph!

The Dream Come True


C" Can Do" BA said...

Yes, it was another famous "just". I'm "just" going to install this shelf system.

Part of the reason it took me so long was the floor model of "Rev-a-Shelf" at Lowes was set up wrong. Trying to replicate it cost me several hours and the near ruin of my own unit.

Lowe's staff's comment when I pointed out to them that their "example" was backwards was "Well.. these units are set up by people with really low I.Q.'s.

It made me feel SO much better,

D.R. said...

Meow! That's all.

Kate Knapp Artist Blog said...

real low I.Q.s eh? never heard of such a thing ...at least not in the circles I go around in...