casa de la noche revisited

There is a new piece of art in the bordello-cum-hotel Casa de la Noche. Artist Jessica Antonella used old photographs of the working girls who used to ply their trade to make her painting. The photographs were collected by owner Barbara Poole, who has named some of the rooms after the women who worked in them—Pepita, Rosita. You can see some of the photographs on the Casa de la Noche website. Barbara retains the history of the place, while updating it with current gallery shows, yoga classes and other events. We often stay there, as it is just a few doors from my mother's casita. When I stopped by to visit Barbara, she was hanging a new show, and, thankfully, retained my niece Eva's retainer, which she had left under her pillow in October.

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Erin said...

And boy are we happy she did save that retainer!!