the day after

We had another Thanksgiving that couldn't be beat. Many of the same people came back for seconds. And we had some new folks too. Hannah's brother, Simon, and his mom. Gil and the gf. About four more pies were consumed, and we're half a pot of gravy down. Though the fridge is still full. Hint hint.
   Isaac and Camilla brightened everyone's day with their costumes, or lack thereof, and variety shows that involved a lot of singing and jumping around.
  And Hannah bought yet another new stroller. 

Isaac Sings "Frozen"below

        Check this out on Chirbit


Jan Jenner said...

Looks like a fabulous time was had by all, Claudia. Good on you.

otra rubia said...

It was particularly fabulous this year. Many thanks to the Dowlings, Porters, Garrisons, Chius, Kendigs, and more...