guess who's coming to dinner?

Hints: A pair of sisters. A pair of twins. A pair of newlyweds. A pair of two-year-olds. Seven people from Massachusetts. Seven people who used to live in the building. Three people associated with Hunter High. One shrink. Five photographers. One actor. One Shakespeare scholar. One Syrian.  Three people who worked in the Time-Life building.
Total: 31
Age range: -1 to 75+.
Turkeys: 2
Appetites: Hopefully hearty.


DaDa said...

That adds up to 37 by my count, so my guess is that the twins went to Hunter, the Shakespeare scholar worked at Time, one of the sisters and one of the people who used to live in the building are from Massachusetts, and one of the people who went to Hunter used to live in the buiding, that adds up to minus six = 31.

Anonymous said...

Who's gonna carve the pineapple? :)


Kate Knapp Artist Blog said...

where's Martha Stuart when you certainly don't need her...she could take a lesson from you! have fun!

Claudia said...

Enjoy, y'all!

otra rubia said...

It was a great shindig!