And what more approriate pic could there be than this one taken during Dianne's ATV roundup to move the cows from one field to another.
Anyway. . .
Paula is the lede—and a leader— in an article about the crusade to save the New York Public Library from mass destruction/renovation. Be sure to read her letter in the link.
On a much lighter note, there is a kickstarter campaign for a hammock that is also a hot tub. Don't miss the video narrated by a guy from Block Island who we used to call Lovey Ben.
An exhibition of Philip Jones Griffiths' life work opened at the National Library of Wales, attended by his daughters Fanny Ferrato and Katherine Holden, who founded the collection of their father's work.
In more local news, Denise Vaughn has a St. Louis Post-Dispatch article on the exploration of Devil's Well, an outrageous cave in Missouri.
A wonderful podcast, There are Worse Places to Die with the wonderful Maggie Steber, a photographer known for her work in Haiti, among other places, is available on line.
Another photographer, Lynn Johnson has been much interviewed about her hate crimes project in the wake of the shootings in the South Carolina church.
A nice article about Nancy Andrews, who recently left the Detroit Free Press for a post in academia—and to live together with her wife Annie O'Neill for the first time.
And finally, an article we should probably take to heart from the Harvard Business Review: How to Know if you Talk Too Much. Ouch!

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