road trip!

Getting my kicks on Route 66

I been beat by the rain, slayed by the heat
Went through lightening storms, but I’m still my feet
 And I’m still
 And I’ve been from Thomasville to Tucumcari
But the last part really got hairy.
There was lightning all around, and it really got weird.
Times when the truck just couldn't be steered.
But if you'll give me
Gas, lights and time
And you show me a sign
I'll be willing  To be movin'


otra rubia said...

This must be set to music and recorded for the ages.

Dianne said...

Meanwhile, back in the Ozarks, you are missing rain, rain, rain, & MORE RAIN! Enjoy a drier climate while you can...

Kate Knapp Artist Blog said...

where are you now?

Anonymous said...

Did you put that cool blue chair in the truck? :)

- Doro