Jamie tours her magical Block Island cottage.

Edie tours her gardens and  displays her tree peony.
It's always fun to see what the other Block Islanders are up to—mostly the same thing as me. Before it started storming (which it still is—it's in the 40s F and I have had the stove on for two days), I visited a Littlefield (left),  a direct descendent of the original European settlers on the island. She showed me her garden of old roses, not yet in bloom, and her peonies. And she told hair raising tales of winter rescues at sea and picking up coals on the beach for a Christmas Day fire, the one warm day of the season, that make us seem like a lesser race.
  I also visited a high school friend who married,  into the DuPont family, old school summer residents who, generations on, still own a classic Block Island summer cottage.
  And they, of course, visited me.

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