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The Artist at Work

The Mouse Bedroom
 It was a dark and stormy day. Until Kate Knapp dropped by and brightened it up. Had it been fair, she would have been painting outside. Oh, the colors! Why is this woman, though much collected, not famous throughout the land? Every day for all of these years, she has painted landscapes, people, cows, tractors, rocks, waves, flowers, roadkill, food—you name it. And yesterday she put my house, Claudia's Surf City, through her filter and cheered up the day—and all of our lives.
The Room Where Living is Done in View of The Sea


swampgassy said...


CBA said...

Fabulous. I do not understand either why she is not famous. She needs and agent.
Incredible work, so inspiring!

Kate Knapp Artist Blog said...

ah but you are so...how shall I say? kind...thoughtful...encouraging...I am most grateful for your beautiful inspiring home! and yes...where is that agent????