Claudia Dowling and Donna Ferrato, TriBeCa evening, 9/10/2014
There's international tragedy, national tragedy and then there is tragedy in the home. But there is also triumph, Donna Ferrato wants to remind us.
   Thirteen years ago today, Donna and I were thinking about how to cover the unfolding tragedy at the World Trade Center. We wound up going to Oxygen to do documentaries, which wound up being about sex and violence, as projects with Donna so often do.
  Tomorrow Donna launches her new campaign about survivors of sexual tragedy, "I am unbeatable," with a show at Vanderbilt University in Nashville. I helped her write the copy for the exhibition. Be there, if you're in the neighborhood. I can't be, because of someone's fourth birthday party in Providence. Life goes on, even as all lives end.


Kate Knapp Artist Blog said...

looks like you are a movie star?

Claudia said...

They were shooting a movie but we weren't in it.