$1.2 million

View from the Terrace of the Estate

Gardener's Cottage
This is a pretty sweet deal in Providence, RI, a happening town. It is in the Brown/RISDI area and is a slice of a full block. There are entrances at both ends of the property, one to the main house (large cobblestone courtyard) and one to the gardener's cottage with attached greenhouse, shown at left. I'm not that keen on the house, which is a brick two-bedroom (you can see pix on the Realtor's page), but I love the site and the ambiance.  French country estate. Check it out at Zillow, and if you buy, consider letting me the gardener's cottage for a pittance. . .
Oh and PS, once again, no one selected me for a MacArthur Award. Sigh.

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Anonymous said...

I'll take it. But I want the cottage because it has a greenhouse. You take the main house.