goose on google earth

The Goose by Google Street View, Spring 2009.

The Goose today, Summer 2014

Google street view, 2009

Goose 2014

The old truck in the yard (and me, painting), 2009 Google

The new truck in the yard, 2014—and they laughed at my privet transplants!
We did not see the Google Earth truck come by as we worked. I had just bought the Goose, and Chris had come from Santa Fe to help me fix it up en route to help Erin build her house. But there I am, painting in the back yard, and there Chris is unloading tools from his rental truck. And here we are now. Drive by again, O Google. The place has changed.


Dianne said...

And changed for the best it has!!!

Kate Knapp Artist Blog said...

you plant a mean hedge girl...