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My friend Bill (left) initiates a pal into the red sock society. Lately, the purchase of such socks has become an obsession—an affordable one as collections go.
    This morning on NPR,writer Dan Woodrell (Winter's Bone) put our Missouri town on the map. You can listen or read about his latest oeuvre here.
     In other Ozark news, my crepe myrtle finally bloomed and, Bear having quit, the kid next door is mowing the lawn.
     More news:
   The Block Island Times printed Isaac Bright's birth announcement, penned by Douglas. 
    An old friend, Hollywood screenwriter and director of horror movies Wesley Strick, put up a trailer for his latest.
    Another friend, photographer Lynn Johnson, narrates a short doc about one woman's work in Kenya.
     There's Chien-Chi Chang's multi media soundscape  on You Tube.
     And Wear Your Music is selling a peace bracelet that likely won't sell in Syria. All we are saying. . .
Oh, and Happy New Year! It means I don't have to move my truck 'til Tuesday!

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D.R. said...

Just another great Claudia post. So much news!