name that baby!

As you can see, there's not much time left to enter the high stakes game: Name that Baby!
Just so you know, given that big sister's name is Camilla, Charles is definitely out. Also, Archimedes has already been suggested, as has Elvis Presley Garrison.
Let your imagination run riot!
Winner gets to name the baby!


Nose Bite K. Esq. said...

Je pense que Nose Bite Kitty Garrison est le mieux choix.

Vous pouvez toujours appeler Nez pour un surnom.

Nez Garrison. C'est ca!

Anonymous said...


Claudia said...

I'm liking Campbell, with Camp for short. Despite Camp Garrison. . .

cba said...

As I suggested months ago, enough with the names of cities for kids, let's use landmark buildings.

Carnegie Hall Garrison
Chrysler Building Garrison

or how about:

L'Hermitage Garrison?

glenn owings said...

From Avery: Game-changer Garrison
Michael: Jive Garrison
Ian (I know its common, but it rocks)
Campbell is okay

glenn owings said...

Just checked my Spam and I had alot of emails from Max Penis

cba said...

I've got it. For real this time:

Conrad Birdie Garrison

Anonymous said...

Chris loves Conrad. I can't stop saying conRAD BIRDie!

Anonymous said...

Justin Case