cotton fields

Talladega, Alabama. About as far from Jeff Bezos and the Internet world as you can get. And yet the Amazon packages arrive here regularly and have made it possible for people to have the accoutrements of culture in the backward backwoods around Rendalia Motorway.
   And the Internet also made it possible for me to join the stir around his purchase of the Washington Post yesterday. The Times will probably be a changin' soon, too.


Nose Bite K. Esq. said...

Madame: je suis en juger par la photo de fond sur votre blog, vous pouvez être responsable de la mort d'un autre insecte. Je vous fais parvenir vos informations à la DST, et vous serez sans doute entendu de leur part.
Il semblerait, Madame, que vous êtes dans le monde des insectes que Ted Bundy était à la population féminine des États-Unis. C'est mon espoir fervent que vous bientôt derrière les barreaux. NBK. ESQ.

Claudia said...

Translation I'm getting is this:Madam: I am judging from the bottom photograph on your blog you may be responsible for the death of yet another insect. I am forwarding your information to the DST, and you will no doubt be hearing from them.
It would seem, Madam, that you are to the insect world what Ted Bundy was to the female population of the United States. It is my fervent hope that you soon be behind bars. NBK. ESQ.

DST is the French equivalent of the FBI (I think)

Dianne said...

Us-uns & we-uns (uneducated hillbillies) appreciate the translation!

Kate Knapp Artist Blog said...

where did you find that beautiful moth??? how big is it???

Claudia said...

Moth outside my door. Wingspan about four inches.

Claudia said...

It turns out to be called an Imperial moth.