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Today Look 3 opens, a festival of photography that headlines our own Donna Ferrato and features a National Geographic exhibit of Lynn Johnson's work. Don't you wish you were there in Charlottesville, Va.? Well Donna and Lynn and our own Mason are.
  A little Ozark news. Writer and musician Marideth Sisco, who performed in the film Winter's Bone, spoke at her former high school at graduation. The text is here; the message, that it's never too late to capture your dream. Which actually is about the same message you can get from the recognition that our aging photographers are receiving.


K said...

...and Yukiko too. Kate was unable to go. She's veryyyyy disappointed her schedule was unchangeable.
She says "like every other friend I know is going to be there". I feel sorry for the bride and groom she will be photographing this weekend.

Sunday Morning Sidewalk said...

No Time Left For

I speak of no clock
Since I heard "...last call."
I stay by the dock
Half-light to fall

Kate Knapp Artist Blog said...

never never never give up on your dreams...or rather capturing them...as elusive as they may be...

D.R. said...

Cool! And the comments too.