living mindfully

You've heard of eating mindfully? That's the thing where you eat v-e-r-y   s--l--o--w--l--y and savor each mouthful until you attain nirvana! as opposed to snarfing everything down asquicklyaspossiblesinceit'sbasicallyfuelandyouneeditnow.
   Well, sadly, there are a lot of other things you can do mindfully, and I am having to do them.
    I'm walking mindfully, for instance, since I sprained my ankle on my way to the dentist yesterday morning. So now I have to hobble mindfully, careful to put as little weight as possible on my foot and try not to twist it (which means I have to sleep mindfully, too, which I try to do anyway because of dreams like the one the other night that I was on the campaign trail with Mitt Romney and he tried to write my lede, which is enough to make anyone thrash around).
     Then once I got to the dentist he told me I needed a root canal and another crown next to the wisdom tooth he pulled, so I am now chewing mindfully also.
    Are we almost at nirvana yet?


Catherine said...

The glue factory, maybe.

Time for the handicapped ramp at the Goose.

D.R. said...

Another funny one, CD, which I read ever so.....you got it....mindfully! xo

Phill said...

Kurt Cobain Nirvana, or Sikhist nirvana?

neruda said...

sorry to hear about your brush with mindfulness...what a drag...sounds like a complete catastrophe...hoof and mouth!

Claudia said...

Good one, Neruda!

Dianne said...

So sorry for your problems, C, but D.R. is right...this is hilariously written.