rainy day

No, there's no such thing as climate change. It's only 53 in the depths of January in New York City. The daffodils are up in Alabama two months early, and they say every summer now they have a drought. It's been icier than usual in the Ozarks in the past few years. The ice caps are melting, and there's a war on for oil and mineral rights in the Arctic—now that it's not so arctic—and for fishing rights in the Antarctic. Keep your raincoat, your woolies and your tank tops packed. You never know what you'll be needing.


DaDa said...

I know what I need.

Dianne said...

If you plan to visit The Goose in March or April (as you normally do each year), it will probably be warm enough by then to go swimming in the river!!!

Sweet Hitchhiker said...

In My Suitcase

Bates custom-made riding leather (slightly scuffed)
Red Wing overhead boots
Lee Riders 36 - 34 (2)
Pendleton washable wool long-sleeve (Black Watch)
L.L. Bean boot socks, merino wool
S&W AirLite .22, 8-round
Orbit bubble gum
Leatherman Titanium w/belt pouch
L.L. Bean non-shrink pocket tees (long & short sleeve)
Handkerchiefs (for the ladies)
50-round box of .22 Stingers
iPhone charger
PayDay bars (for the kids)
Black Watch Cap (2)
Box Set of "Then Came Bronson "


Claudia said...

Me, I always pack a bathing suit. You never know.