The video for Wear Your Music is underway, including a cast of, well, quite a few, including a number of relatives (above). Those of you who have questions about just exactly what a guitar string bracelet is and how they are made should have them answered once and for all.


Phill said...

Shuda got Em. http://www.dynastymodels.com/model_images/img_9167.jpg

Not Patti said...

it's the steel
you feel

whut you hear
when you wear it

'swear it

Danelectro '65
CBGB '75

Claudia said...

Ringo rango jiggie jong jango
If I die I ain't a gonna cry
Cause i got me a purty-lookin' girl

Still Not Patti said...

Places Everyone

when the hammer
hits them strings
and my gal starts to sing
here, the glamour

there, the real thing

neruda said...

I am a singin'
and I am a blingin'
cause I am a takin'
this bracelet you're a makin'...

Johnny Blingo said...

the melody has reach
though special, each

we call the bling,