weather permitted

Weather permitting, you can grow a heckuva tree. And here in Marin County, weather does permit. We made a brief foray into Muir Woods yesterday evening to remind us of our relative unimportance in the great scheme of things, timewise and sizewise. We did not worship in the Cathedral of the Redwoods, however; we chattered on our cellphones and snapped pix like any other tourists.
    This excursion was followed by dinner at the house of some of my oldest friends, from Illinois Times days. In redwood years it may be just a flash in the pan,  but in friendship years 35 is nothing to sneeze at.
    Oh and PS, I decided that weather did not permit of my return trip today and thus am staying until Thursday and clear skies in New York.


Anonymous said...

in the Redwoods Forest to the Gulf Stream waaaaaaaters

neruda said...

nice photo...what time of day?

Anonymous said...

this land was made for you and me.