baby hanny

Perhaps you have heard me moaning about an article I handed in to a parenting magazine almost a year ago about dreams during pregnancy. The problem with writing it in the first person, of course, being that I was last pregnant about 27 years ago.
I fudged this as best I could in the article. But then came requests for a bio pic. I first sent them a recent head shot. Nope. "We'd like a picture of you with your baby."
I wrote, as I sent this one in (after the baby's husband had scanned it for me), "You do realize that my baby is now 26 years old."

The photo researcher grasped that, but not the art director. So we sent in this. Obviously not current by Hanny's dreadlocks and my glasses and weight, but closer.

And this, along with another more obvious wedding photo.

It looked, for a while, as if we were going to have to meet at the ferry dock as I was leaving and she was arriving and grab a shot. Fortunately, since H made the boat with seconds to spare, the magazine declared itself satisfied.
For a freaking bio shot one inch square.

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Anonymous said...

I love ALL of these photos ..they should include them ALL good job mom looks like a dream come true