louis, the love

They'd been around the block together more than a few times, Louis L'Amour and Ruby Zee Montana. During Ruby's darkest days, he was there for her. It used to worry me sometimes, seeing one living being so dependent on another with a dramatically shorter lifespan.
In the event, Monsieur L'Amour lived a very long life for a Chihuahua—some 21 years. That's 147 in dog years. Piquancy was added to his golden age by the acquisition of a harem, Lola and Dusty, who join Ruby and all of her many friends and relations in grief. See obit.

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Chris said...

Not sure if you're a Louis L'Amour fan, but if you are, check out my blog. I'm reading a bunch of Louis L'Amour and writing about it. Haven't gotten that far yet, but I've written about a few stories.