word from angelina

Received the following postal card from Angelina in New Russia, a hamlet in the Adirondacks:
"Je pense que je vais acheter une maison dans cette village. J'avais vue une route nomme de Stars et Stripes ici avec une grande Victorian. Ah, mes reves sont realizes!
Vous ete jalouse, je sais. . ."
Yeah, but she'll be awfully jealous when she sees my white farmhouse kitchen sink—which used to be hers.


neruda said...

now that's what i call a low blow...... C'est tres mal...n'est pas?

j said...

a propos l'evier: on doit faire comme si de rien n'etait.

Claudia said...

hello? pardon my french-- it isn't THAT good.
"As to envy, one must do as if nothing--huh?"

Anonymous said...


j said...

No, no,no. Silly you, it should be " As to the SINK, you should act like nothing has happened." In other words, just keep mum about it. (It might also help if you pout just a little when she first sees it. But the important thing is to SAY NOTHING. If you call attention to it, she just might want it back--along w/ the house that it's now attached to.)