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My brother is leaving. He wants to go back to his own life. Who can blame him? I'd like to go back to my own. His effort has been heroic: a totally functional house trimmed out like a wedding cake. He did it nearly single handedly. There's a lot of stuff left to do on the interior—the fun part for him—and hopefully he'll come back to do it. But my main man is departing, and I will miss him.


Wolfen said...

Wah! What are we ever gonna do without him???

Anonymous said...

Rhode Island's loss is New Mexico's gain!

So long, Chris!


neruda said...

well I have to agree with you there he is a rare charm as artist, builder and brother what a great combination for the contractor woman....and i saw it all happen with my own two eyes or I wouldn't believe it possible....the tug boat has pulled away from the QE3 and she's sailing free out on the island....it's all good