country queen

Every time I go on the road I have, perforce, to listen to country music, which I mostly revile—nothing else is on the radio but Christian (yuk) and Clear Channel (OK until you hear Foxy Lady for the second time in 15 minutes and get suspicious). The last memorable tune for me was She Thinks My Tractor's Sexy (how on earth do I remember that?). This time it was My Give-a-Damn's Busted. The song is by Jo Dee Messina, who by chance grew up in the same house that the Beauty Girls (below) are posing in. Every so often, Jo Dee asks Sis if she can buy the house for her mother. So far, Sis has refused. The one time I met Jo Dee I gave her greetings from Sis, and she (JD) said, "Tell your sister to give me my house back." Harsh. But maybe with BUSTED Jo Dee will be able to offer even bigger bucks and Sis will succumb. I doubt it, though, the Beauty Girls would fuss.

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