The storm was over. The sun set, the full moon rose, and all was calm on Block Island—except at the bars. And islanders got ready to heave a sigh of relief at season's end.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful shot of the moon. We were on the island last week staying at the 1661. Got there Monday afternoon. On Tuesday there was a beautiful sunset. I also so the hundreds of seagulls circling above. I now know what they were trying to tell me. We have been going to the island since '89 and have dealt with wind and rain. This was the first time that we were confined to the room. Also first time that I almost got blown over by the wind. I fought my way out to the Benson pavillion on Weds. and Thurs. thinking that I could find a corner to stuff myself into. Act of the purest optimism. The wind was blowing from every direction at once. I also got two soakers when I stepped out to what I thought was sand but was sea foam with a coating a sand covering about 6 to 8 inches of water. I also never saw a storm basically not move for three days. Hopefully paid some island dues and weather on next trip will not include a non-moving nor' easter.

Claudia said...

It was a killer. Then followed by an even stronger blowing Sou'wester, which fortunately blew through faster. October is always dicey. One of the reasons why I decided to close down earlier this year. @anonymous Sounds like you were good sports though.