horror show

There were potions and near poisons. Cauldrons bubbling and casting of spells. Wands and wizards. It was more like a Halloween party than a birthday party. But it was, in fact, Isaac Bright's fifth birthday party. By request, no children were invited other than his sister. Though what he lacked in children, he made up in relatives: three grandmothers, a grandfather, an aunt and an uncle, along with other favored guests. Also by request, a Harry Potter theme with Lord Voldemort as the focus. He and his sister have listened to their mother read the first five of the Harry Potter books at about the rate of one a month.
Every attendee received the Dark Mark on the left forearm. And a wand.

These were incredibly nasty jelly beans. I spit out the rotten egg one. Avoided the vomit.

Lord Voldemort was consumed almost in entirety. He looks evil but was tasty.


Kate Knapp Artist Blog said...

wow how cool! we all need a little "Defense Against The Dark Arts"...and wish the lad a Happy one from us!

Ivy said...

You've been busy!