No one put a gun to her head—or rather, they put two guns to her head. But it was her idea. Five years old, at the same age her mother had her ears pierced, Camilla was bound and determined to go through with it. She carefully picked out the butterfly earrings she would put on when her ears had healed. And then it was time. The dots were positioned on her tender lobes. The guns were aimed (smart to do them both at once so a child doesn't have to go through the waiting all over again). Kachung. Done. And four months later, she can wear the butterflies.

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Kate Knapp Artist Blog said...

no pain no gain...but so innocent! same age as mother eh? wow...I had mine pierced in my teens following in my mother and grandmother's footsteps...very interested in wearing their beautiful earrings which I do to this day!( and still mourn the loss of the beauties you made and brought me from Katmandu, which were stolen remember?)