let there be light

There are many chandeliers in my life. I have two plastic ones in Block Island, acquired an unelectrified beauty from the dump, just put one up in New York, got another from New York, and now the building handyman has salvaged me this beauty. Maybe I'll switch out one of the plastic ones. . . Meanwhile it's resting on this chair.
Also, see Chien-Chi Chang's post election entry in Time.
Our favorite comedian/real estate agent Sarah Fearon was covered in the Times.
Tonight Donna Ferrato is holding a fundraiser for a women's shelter in Illinois. Invitation here. If you can't go, you can still donate and help them keep the doors open.
And in other presidential (?) news, Ed Barnes writes about the first 100 days of Aung San Suu Kyi for a new mag called Geneva Global.

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