a coney island of the mind

Souvenir photo with Ed bought from vendor
 Two boys from Brooklyn. Labor Day weekend. Coney Island. Peter wanted to revisit his old haunts. He grew up in Brooklyn and went to school in Coney Island. He about danced off the subway, heading directly to the original Nathan's (100 years old!) for a hot dog. Then to the Cyclone rollercoaster of Woody Allen fame, which looked to me to be a hundred years old also and of questionable safety. Then to the bumper cars, where they only had each other to bump into at midday. Everyone else was at the beach or outside in the sunshine. We finished off at an Uzbec restaurant in Brighton Beach, but left before the belly dancers. . .
On his office wall, Peter (left)  has an old photo of himself with his son on the Cyclone

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swampgassy said...

I agree--the Cyclone looked pretty rickety from my vantage point (on the ground) when we were there. Mo and Av had bruised knees after. Said it was not built for tall people. Twas fun, though, and looks like you all had fun, too.

You all left before the belly dancers?!!