why i have been remiss

The selection
The positioning

This was not cruelty to children. She had been begging to do it, to do it before Daddy got home, to do it before school started, to just do it. She is almost six, Old enough to make her own decision about her own ears. The day was appointed. The big sacrifice for Mama and Nini was that they had to be brave too—and go to the mall.
The lead-up to the procedure was too drawn out, and the anticipation became tough. Mimi was very brave, but very afraid. But then, kachong, it was done and time to shop for school uniforms and headbands to keep the hair out of the earrings.

The result
The schoolgirl


swampgassy said...

She's getting so grown up. Beautiful girl, beautiful photos

Kate Knapp Artist Blog said...

for some reason I see you always in her!