gun control

Did you know that movie extras take classes in how to handle guns realistically? Me neither. But our own Catherine took such a class. Appropriately, the class took place in Georgia, where approximately everybody is packing weapons and they have just enacted the most liberal carry laws in the nation, allowing guns in bars, schools and airports—to the point that the police are frightened.
    "I couldn't really follow the teacher's instructions," Catherine said. "So I just stopped listening and did what felt right."
   Apparently, like many Georgians, she didn't need much instruction. In frustration, the instructor finally said, "Well, if you need any more tips just copy Catherine. She's a natural!"


CBA said...

The new gun laws are insane.

I've lived here for 24 years, and for the first time in those 24 years, I find myself thinking "I've got to move."

Kate Knapp Artist Blog said...

me thinks the lady doth look serious too much...knowing her as we do